City Trips

Tales of Travels...

Hello and thank you for visiting my travel page. My name is Johan Nobel and I live in Europe, in the Netherlands. I started with documenting my vacations a long time ago. For me it was fun to relive the moments by writing about them. Traveling is a fun thing to do. You see new things and meet new people and taste new dishes.

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Scuba Diving

SCUBA Diving...

Ever since I saw the TV series with French sea explorer Jacques Cousteau, I have been intrigued by the underwater life that he showed to the world. For years I wanted to be able to swim freely underwater as well and observe the life forms there with my own eyes.

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Web Library

Web Library...

This is my steppingstone into the World Wide Web. Here starts a collection of links to websites, organized in several categories. Over the years I have searched for information regarding these subjects for various reasons. These pages are therefore a personal Start Page in the first place.

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My Resume...

I have over thirty years of experience in managing financial administrations that varied in size and complexity. I nourish an administration as off the first entry to the realisation of the concept annual account.

I see myself as a "glass half full" person with an open mind for new experiences.

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